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The Art Centre Cairns 1983-1985

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In 1983 I was working as a freelance graphic designer for The T'Shirt Factory in Cairns, when I was approached by Tom Vudrag, a batik artist, to come and teach screenprinting for the Cairns Tafe college to indigenous students at a soon to co...

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Kickarts:The Beginning

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Kickarts. The beginning.

On c.15March1992 I authored and placed a notice in the Cairns Post, calling for:

“PERSONS interested in supporting the formation of a locally based contemporary artists association which would; 1) Operate as an advocacy mechanism for the collective benefit of contemporary artists working in the Cairns and surrounding regions; 2) Focus on the creation of an innovative artist-run-initiative; 3) With a particular view to the establishment o...

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Hello there,

Welcome to my website and blog. As you would have gleaned from my "About" page I have a wide range of experience in the visual arts and educaion sectors. I  aim to provide specialised courses, workshops and programs which provide both skills training from the Visual Arts and Crafts Training Package CUV03 as well as non-assessable courses aimed at personal creative development for non-vocational participants.

I have learnt much in my career as an...

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